IndieBio Secures Partnership with Transcriptic to Accelerate Biology

SAN FRANCISCO (May 11, 2015) — IndieBio, the leading global biotech accelerator, today announced an exclusive partnership with the robotic cloud laboratory platform Transcriptic for up to $60,000 per year in free services for the companies they fund and accelerate.

The Transcriptic credits will be divided evenly among the companies in each new class at IndieBio. IndieBio currently has 12 companies in their inaugural San Francisco based class and plans on admitting approximately 30 per year (15 per cycle). This partnership is the first in a series of announcements by IndieBio as they prepare to open applications for their next application cycle.

We are incredibly excited to be announcing this partnership with Transcriptic and working to accelerate biology together. From the beginning, our aim in founding IndieBio has been to give scientists and entrepreneurs a new, lower cost path to innovation in Independent Biology.

We evolve, like the companies we fund, so expect to hear some very big, additional news from us next week on this continued acceleration.

Ryan Bethencourt, Program Director, IndieBio

We believe cloud science will enable a better future and we’re excited to partner Transcriptic to help enable that future.

Arvind Gupta, Partner SOSventures and Founder IndieBio

Transcriptic, a venture-backed on-demand science company that enables researchers to run their experiments remotely through a web based interface, has democratized access to biotech automation. Transcriptic can execute a wide range of common molecular biology workflows with high repeatability and low cost. From their 10,000 sq. ft. Menlo Park facility, Transcriptic services clients spanning the globe with always-on infrastructure.

The platform enables scientists to remove the intense manual labor that encompasses 70% of research and development time. While useful for all, this is especially valuable for small companies who need reliable data and longer capital runways.

Max Hodak, CEO, Transcriptic

IndieBio views biology as technology and invites applicants from across the life sciences from food, biomaterials to new therapeutics, melding biology, software and robotics to apply for the spring and winter batches. IndieBio funds and accelerates company’s developing solutions with biology to some of the world’s most intractable problems with the broad vision of moving our world from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

Transcriptic is pivotal to accelerating our r&d program. they allow us to conduct meaningful and reproducible experiments without having to incur the expensive capital cost of buying additional scientific equipment or hiring additional staff to conduct these crucial experiments.

Leo Wan, CSO & Co-Founder, Ranomics (IB1)

About Transcriptic

Transcriptic is a revolutionary platform that enables life science research at lower cost, greater precision, and with more seamless collaboration than ever before. Transcriptic designs, builds and operates a state-of-the-art, on-demand research infrastructure as a service for researchers all over the world. Like the earlier "fabless semiconductor" revolution, Transcriptic enables a whole new class of "labless biotech" companies built around faster, more reliable, more repeatable processes with vastly lower capital costs than previously possible, freeing researchers to focus on the creative aspects of their science. Transcriptic’s team of highly qualified Ph.D. scientists and engineers provides valuable design input and debugs protocols. Investors in Transcriptic include IA Ventures, Google Ventures, Data Collective, AME Cloud Ventures, Founders Fund, Naval Ravikant, and Mark Cuban, among others.